Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Recipes from Mexico! 

Everyone loves Christmas, it's a time to get together and enjoy time with family and loved ones, and to celebrate the end of the year with good food and wine. But let's admit it, while the Turkey's a treat, brussel sprouts and Christmas pudding aren't always everyone's favourite. Wouldn't you like to end the year with something a little different...


Christmas is big in Mexico, and the food is rich, warming and just that little bit exotic. Curl up by the fire with a chili and cinnamon hot chocolate after some tasty Mexican tamales. Swap mulled wine for ponche, a traditional Christmas punch, or make your deserts a little lighter by trying a classic Mexican alternative. 

Here are some tasty Mexican recipes you can try this Christmas...

Did you know that in Mexico, 'La Posadas', or the events which build up to Christmas Eve are just as important to Mexicans as Christmas itself. Each night from the 16th December to 24th December Mexicans perform a ceremony known as the 'Posada' which is led by children. The celebrations culminate with a firework celebration on Christmas Eve and the traditional 'Mass of the Rooster'. 

And don't forget Mexican pinata (left) which is filled with sweets!

You can read about Mexican Christmas traditions in more detail here

Want to learn how to cook Mexican food with the help of our local experts? Here is the link to our Mexican food tour, 'Flavours of Oaxaca'.

In the meantime, a very Happy Christmas here from Trip Feast! 


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