Thursday, 3 November 2011

Northern Thailand Red Curry (local style) ... it's a little different!

MasterChef finalist Andy Oliver visited Chiang Mai and discovered a very different type of Thai red curry

In Northern Thailand, they do red curries a little differently from the rest of the country. They are red curries in that the paste is deep-red due to the dried long red chillies pounded into it. But it's not like the red curry most people will be familiar with.

Why? Well mainly because a) there's no coconut cream used, and b) the paste has much fewer ingredients in and is boiled, not fried.

So if you're craving that classic ubiquitous style of Thai red curry then this isn't it.

But if you want to try something different, a slightly spicy, pork and vegetable curry with clean flavours and a richness of good dried chilli, then give this one a go. To me, it's a great introduction to the style of some Northern Thai dishes. Read more.

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